From Who’s Perspective is Ben Carson Wrong?



I wanted to point something out in this most recent attack on Ben Carson.  This fake mock outrage about his comments.  The presupposition is that he said something wrong.  It is wrong because it was insensitive, this presupposes a tacit emotional appeal.  What is concealed is this:  From the perspective of those for whom what he said was wrong, What is the solution???  What is the correct answer??? In order to have the authority to say that he is wrong you have to know what the solution is otherwise you don’t have the authority to insinuate that he is wrong.  The funny thing is it isn’t even really stated that he is wrong, their is just this stupid mock outrage that other people mimic.
Deborah Tannen the Linguistic philosopher created the science on Male & female communication rituals.  They have a joke about the different way that men and women think…

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