The Psychopathology of Liberal Progressives.



I am going to use Bahar Mustafa, diversity officer at the Goldsmith University of London as the poster child for Liberal Progressives, she is, from my humble perspective the perfect specimen as I see all of the psychosis manifest in her in perfect proportion.  Indeed she appears to have fathomed the depths of Liberalism and followed it to it’s final conclusion.  In her manifesto she says:

“I represent the most traditionally unrepresented. In an unequal society where power relations in the wide of the world prevail like the institutions, how can one possibly represent all the needs of all people and people by virtue of their gender, race, and class have opposing interests.”

She was recently arrested but you have to remember this wasn’t an isolated event, she has been doing this for a while and escalating the intensity of her rhetoric.  Following the example of other Muslim apologists…

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