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Most of us can agree that phenomena exist, we know that ice cream exists, we know that cat’s exist, we know that heads exist.  Relational data however informs the relationship between the phenomena which often cannot be agreed upon.  Based on our sense of self and the plasticity of the sense of self, Relational Data informs the relationship between the phenomena.  Relational data informs how we react to events.  Relational data is not visible and it is presupposed because of the Normative cognitive bias of the individual.  We use ourselves, our tacit interpretations and judgments in the experiencing of reality the as the unconscious comparison set for everybody else.  We assume that what is normal for us is also good and correct.  We are surprised when others are not like us.  Intelligent Objects (humans) are unpredictable because of relational data, how they are in relationship with reality and the phenomena…

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