France: Millions of ‘moderate’ Muslims support suicide bombings

Muslim Statistics

Muslims in France express support for suicide bombers in a 2006 PEW survey.

A PEW research published a study in 2007 under the name Muslim Americans Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream (Released May 22, 2007). It revealed that a large number of Muslims in the West support suicide bombings (mass murders). The numbers are probably much higher today.

Muslims in the age group 18-29 and 30 and older was asked whether they felt suicide bombings (mass murders) was justified.

They had four options in their answers: Ever (always) Justified, Often or Sometimes Justified, Rarely Justified and the total rejection to suicide bombings with Never Justified. The first three categories represent support of suicide bombings to various degrees.

Suicide Bombings

Of the Muslims surveyed whether suicide bombings were justified (supported) the participants of 18-29 year olds responded:

Ever (always) Justified  42%
Often or Sometimes Justified 19%
Rarely Justified 23%


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