Judgments & Rational Relationship



Should statements give evidence of a person’s judgments, when a person makes a “Should Statement” they are presupposing their authority & making a judgment. Rationally this authority only extends to their own resources & expression. If a person presupposes their authority over other’s resources & expression this shows a lack of respect for boundaries & tacit narcissism.

 “Men should be attracted to women based on their personalities not on their appearance.”

Should statements give clues to a person’s issues, and they always make the person making the should statement correct.  Psychopaths don’t have the ability to realize when they are trespassing the boundaries of reason with their judgments.  In Rational Relationship the individual prehends their resources because they earned them in a meritocracy of reason & results.  Which means that their resources do their will alone.  This was also the philosophy behind the concept of NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, used by…

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