Origin of the Illuminati & Secret Societies.



I know this seems like a strange topic for this blog, but unfortunately we have to address this topic in order to get it out of the way once and for all.  The Illuminati do exist and I going to tell you where they come from and what is happening with them right now.

The human brain doesn’t distinguish between the things that it sees & hears that are Real, Imagined, or Fabricated. The mind lives in a cage of Normalcy. For it, what it thinks about the most is reality.

The story in the bible in which Isaac takes care of Laban’s goats for 14 years as a bride price for Rachel & her sister Leah in which he is promised that he can have all of the spotted goats at the end of his stint, is actually an earlier, disguised version of the same concept. In that story…

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