6 Degrees from Prince, The Artist Formerly Known

Shivastus Solomonicus


I am writing this to you not as part of my fictitious wisdom character but as myself, the American Guru Shivah Solomon.  This is true testimony about my life experience and my relationships. 

Some people know that I channel Azrael the Peacock Angel. The symbol that has become synonymous with me is the symbol above on the left. Azrael communicated to me that this symbol not only represented him for me but also was a symbol of our relationship. It is a symbol of Azrael as myself, it is us as a single entity.

What was of interest was to learn that there was a connection between me and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince through Azrael. The one I refer to as the Peacock Angel of Azure El was the first of the Grigori, he was sent to earth to understand the souls of mankind having accomplished that task…

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