(Semantic Fallacy) New Atheist Trolling Technique

Atheist Logic Fail


As a linguistic philosopher I pick up on changes in communication that most other people don’t.  Within the past 3 days I have ran across this new illegitimate debate technique being used by Liberal Atheist Trolls, I don’t know yet who was the first person to use it.  I have found several different people using this technique to avoid being falsified, to avoid scrutinizing themselves or their arguments.  It is interesting the speed and readiness with which these liberal trolls pass these strategies amongst themselves.  It seems to escape their notice that this strategy is dishonest and irrational.  But rest assured the people that they enable, Muslims, will pick up this strategy and start using it.  Some people pick up the strategy unconsciously from their environment. Libtards smirk to themselves as the quality of conversation and relationship is attenuated by people repeating these douchey patterns and society crumbles for lack…

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