Checkmate Argument

Atheist Logic Fail


Notice the tacit presuppositions in this argument.  It is never a necessity to kill.  What about killing in self defense?  If there is a concealed reason for killing, what is it?  Notice that The Atheist troll conversation dropped in order to avoid falsification, transparency, or making himself look bad by providing a justification for killing.  This is the reason why these people are so dangerous.  They peddle horse shit in order to make themselves look like good people, that is how psychopaths manipulate, uneducated, superficial, aesthetic snap-decisions in order to “bypass the threat filter”.

The Checkmate argument forces the psychopath to choose between 2 or more options that are presupposed by their argument in order to force their concealed narrative into the open.  This removes the veil of pleasantness and rationality that they hide behind.  It draws attention to the holes in their logic and the things that they are not…

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