Stephen Colbert pokes fun at my Comedy Brand with Wolfgang joke.

Epic Troll

Wolfgang Reinhardt

I couldn’t really believe it when I  watched.  This was actually the first episode I had ever seen.  I thought to myself, that looks vaguely familiar.  I stood up and walked over to the TV screen.  Sure enough that was my face.  It was from about 8 years ago when I was a lot heavier, of course the photo had been altered a little bit to make me a lot fatter than I was then.  The joke was kind of a tangent from the mane joke which was about Jeb Bush saying that he would go back in time and kill baby Hitler.  Colbert asks if anybody has ever heard of Wolfgang Reinhardt, no, because somebody went back in time and killed him when he was a little baby.  Colbert isn’t in the habit of photoshopping nobodies into his jokes, so why was this flashed up there?  It isn’t recognizable…

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