Psychological Exegesis of the Muslim Adam and Eve



In one of my recent blogs I explained how Muslims twist the Judeo-Christian scriptures and portray Cain as the good guy, demonstrating their descent from Cain.  They also claim that Adam was the first Muslim while at the same time thinking themselves not tainted by original sin because of rejecting modern education and scientific authority.  You will remember that the serpent said that being like God you will be able to judge good and bad.  Muslims believe they have circumvented the taint of the original sin by rejecting Modern Education. This gives them the conceit that they are above the laws of all other countries.  On top of everything it is a tacit argument from ignorance but also, and this is weird, an argument from authority, from their perspective they are authorities on holiness and piety because they are ignorant.  It is also important to realize that “Israel” literally means…

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