Wake Up Lib-tards!!!

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders makes an appeal to useful idiots that have been buying Noam Chomsky’s tripe because they think he is smart & therefore correct.  Stupidly they assume that if they take his positions they will become smarter by proxy, this is known as the “Fundamental Attribution Error” thinking in terms of essences.  Noam Chomsky possesses the essence of smartness, if I regurgitate Chomsky’s shibboleths I will be smarter.

7 thoughts on “Wake Up Lib-tards!!!”

  1. Sadly, my children think he’s great. They’ve been brainwashed by the world, look on us with pity since we are conservative Christians and therefore are not enlightened with the knowledge they have acquired.

  2. Fun fact: Einstein was actually a socialist! Also good take down of Noam Chomsky, complaining about some of his fans really invalidates his work!

    1. Noam Chomsky is brilliant with linguistics and an idiot when it comes to politics. & Einstein made a mistake. Why do stupid Atheists think that brilliant scientists are also correct about politics?

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