isdratetp4donyfy.onion The Da’esh Darknet Propaganda Site: Down But Still Telling Tales


Screenshot from 2015-11-15 16:46:15

The Isdarat Onion and the MoD Address:

After posting my second piece on the da’esh propaganda site in the darknet (under the hood) it wasn’t long before the darknet site was down for the count. Interestingly though, before it went down some information could be gleaned as to perhaps it’s IP address as well as what it was running. I had already mentioned that it was running a WordPress frontend but behind everything was a bit more interesting. When a whatweb was carried out on the url it came back with an IP address that on the face of it was just another IP. However, when Googled, the IP had a nice little hit that shed some light on perhaps what may have been going on before I got there.

Whatweb -v

http://isdratetp4donyfy.onion/ [200]
http://isdratetp4donyfy.onion [200] Country[RESERVED][ZZ], HTTPServer[nginx/1.8.0], IP[], UncommonHeaders[link], nginx[1.8.0], x-pingback[http://isdratetp4donyfy.onion/ar/xmlrpc.php]
URL    : http://isdratetp4donyfy.onion

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