Mocked by SNL 3D printer man.

Epic Troll


I recently tweeted an idea to SNL & Lorne Michaels about having Bill O’reilly on the show to spoof the new politically correct James Bond Movie.  They apparently reviewed my tweets and came up with this lame tribute to myself.  With my educational photoshops I repeat certain phrases, like the one that Matthew opens with.  I do this for several reasons, one it reifies in the consciousness of my audience that I am what I claim to be, a historian and a linguistic philosopher among other things.  It gives them a reference to the field of authority on the topic about which I am about to speak so they might understand the kind of research I did and why it sounds strange to their ears. I brand my ideas because they are unique and original, I am not repeating somebody else’s ideas, which is why I name drop myself as the…

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