Whole Foods Funds Terrorism.

Epic Troll


Some of you know that my photoshops are often times prophetic or educational.  Some of you know that Whole Foods Market fired me after 12 years because of my anti-Sharia law advocacy, which was waking people up to the realism of the danger of Islam and the un-American nature of Sharia Law.  Not only did this company, this fine purveyor of Liberal Doucheyness, short-sighted arrogance, and the Elitism of Useful Idiots, invade my privacy with the very kind of search that the United States refused to use on Tashfeen Malik, they leaked their contempt for American values in doing so.  How could I wake people up to the crisis we are experiencing right now when my spirit was constantly being crushed under  a meritocracy of false pleasantness?  And I was constantly being scrutinized under the fascist, tyranny of the normal?  Where Botox rejects like Michelle Payne hang out with the…

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