The CNN Audience was “Loaded”.



Subtle Propaganda & Manipulation

The first thing I noticed as I was listening to the debate was the bias of the cacophony of noise coming from the audience.  The audience was applauding strategically.  What this means is that when a person speaks the audience would applaud with exaggerated, artificial, enthusiasm.  This communicates emotional data both positive and negative to the viewer about the candidates in an effort to influence their opinion.  If the audience had been allowed in at random there would have been many people applauding for Trump but the audience only communicated exaggerated negative emotional data in response to Trump at one time booing him for no particular reason without even listening to what he had said.  At other times there were exaggeratedly positive, prolonged  reactions to Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio.  It was immediately obvious to me that CNN had loaded the audience to influence viewer opinion.  This…

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