Most Powerful man in the World plays the Victim Card…

Epic Troll

potus_stills_20150806_005 NPR’s Steve Inskeep interviews President Obama at the White House. The interview will air this week on Morning Edition.

Disgusting, Pathetic, emotional appeal to the pity of the weak-minded, Liberal, Elitist, Fem-tards.  Obama criticizes, threatens, and talks down to Americans and our allies, it was Obama’s Regime that leaked that Bibi Netanyahu was a “Chicken shit” now this creep, is acting like a victim and playing the race card.  He is the most powerful man in the world and he was voted into office largely because he was black.  Most 1st world countries will not elect a black man as leader, only because he was in America was he even given the opportunity.  I personally voted for him twice partly because he misrepresented himself but also because the liberally biased media enabled this lie.  Now when he is finally taken to task for his many failures, his tyrannical ignoring…

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