The “Zionist” shibboleth.



Within the last month I have noticed a huge increase in the frequency and intensity of people accusing others of being a “Zionist”.  First of all, Zionism isn’t a thing anymore than it is a word.  There is no organized Zionist movement.  Having stated that the word is being used as a shibboleth to suggest that Jews don’t have the right to exist or own land.  This is the repetition of a historical injustice that goes back thousands of years.  Israel was given to the Jews by the United Nations and agreed upon by Muslim nations because they hadn’t been allowed to own land anywhere after being evicted from their homeland by the Romans.  After the atrocities of WWII it was determined that in order to defend themselves and prevent their recurring mass immigrations they should be returned to their native land.

I have pointed out elsewhere that Moslems are…

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Escalation & Categorization in Rhetoric.



We are going to discuss a little of how language works and the tacit judgments a person makes in experiencing reality.  If you notice the above image it demonstrates a linguistic principle.  As you read from top to bottom you see an escalation in the intensity of the rhetoric.  I created the term EMOTIONAL DATA to refer to the communication and reception of emotions by the individual.  The sentence structure, for the most part, is similar.  It states that Megyn Kelly = this.  That is a statement of Apriori.  In the first statement almost no emotional data is communicated.  Not only does the narrative demonstrate how the individual is speaking it also characterizes her and categorizes her showing what she symbolizes in the world view of the individual.  What modern research has demonstrated is that people remember facts by embedding them in a matrix of narrative.

What is interesting is that…

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Moslem Counter Intel in Anonymous & Conspiracy Theory Groups



Moslems are pathological liars, they promote and protect their Invasive War Cult through pathological lying, unfortunately, due to our freedom of speech there are plenty of Useful Idiots that predispose themselves to being manipulated by Moslem lies.  Some of them because they are paranoid schizophrenics, some of them because they are addicted to drugs, some of them because they are insane, some of them because they are contradictorians with anti-social personality disorder, and yet others because they are followers.

This Nevin fellow felt it necessary to troll my posts with obvious lies that contradicted blogs I posted in Truth Groups and an Anonymous groups, I have never seen him before, it appears that some concealed conversation that I don’t know about attracted him to me.  When lying on my threads he concealed the fact that he is a Moslem scumbag and his handle doesn’t predispose him to that immediate association. …

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Ted Cruz, Master Debator :/


cruz fizzle.png

Donald Trump’s refusal to appear at the Iowa debate was a brilliant strategic move.  Sun Tzu said that one should force the other to come to him on the battlefield not to go to the battlefield because of being drawn their by one’s opponent.  Everyone was so prepared to attack Trump at the debate that even when he wasn’t present everything said revolved around him and characterized him as the biggest threat.  Cruz completely fumbled the ball and tried to win by acting like a victim.  The rest of the candidates acted like a bunch of little girls with their catty posturing.  Rand Paul was allowed onto the main stage and was proficient at demonstrating why he wasn’t even an option for president of the United States.  The other candidates who were arguing that they wanted to debate substance got exposed themselves as nothing more than opportunistic posers regurgitating party…

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Department of Homeland Security


Originally posted here.

A little less than a month before I was fired from Whole Foods Market for my Anti Sharia Law Advocacy, I found this discarded in a shopping cart at work.  It is a card cover that prevents people from stealing your information from your credit card.  What I immediately found intriguing was bilingual directions on the card.  Why would somebody employed by the Department of Homeland Security not speak English???

Only recently did Lou Dobbs do his expose on the DHS about how they had lost 1,300 badges and credentials and 165 guns.  The vast majority of this Security negligence occurred in the Immigration, Customs, and Border Patrol sectors.

Highly Educated Atheist Idiot,Thomas Zadro.

Atheist Logic Fail


This Liberal insanity isn’t even funny.  These idiots are going to get us all killed.  Highly educated, Useful Idiots, they conceal their rhetoric, argue that other people’s resources should be used for the benefit of people that hate them, and that one group of people should not protect themselves from another group of people.  The presuppose their correctness and superiority while at the same time ignoring the results of their own stupidity and refusing to falsify themselves or marginalize their dogmatic prejudices.


This is a pet peeve of mine, ad hominem is not a falsification if a person is also supporting their arguments with reason and results.  The person that operates on this tacit judgment is presupposing a Meritocracy of Pleasantness in which being pleasant is a virtue, while precluding the unpleasant truth or reality.  This is not only delusional it is evil.  A person can lie pleasantly.  The Moslem psychosis…

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The Quintessential, Tripartite Path



“The walking on the path is the destination.” Shivastus Solomonicus

“Heaven & Hell are right here and right now.  Heaven is a realm that is carved out of Hell.”  Shivastus Solomonicus

Ponder this, the irrational person in the relationship benefits the most from the relationship, they are the psychopath.  If you want to live in a rational world you have to be rational.  If you want others to be rational but you want to be irrational you are a tyrant.  “The use of strategic behavior validates the use of strategic behavior.”  If you are rational in relationship and are looking for someone to take advantage of you in relationship you are an enabler.  Rationality isn’t defined in a vacuum, it is defined in relationship.  Rational is as rational does.

This is the Western Meditation Tradition as reconstructed by the American Guru and created for us by Pythagorus, Socrates, Plato, and…

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