Breaking News: Militia At OR National Wildlife Refuge Building Updated

Verum Et Inventa

Here is a link to Pete Santilli’s Live Stream. See my last post and my Hammond Ranch posts for further info. Updates will come on this post.

Title: LIVE UPDATE FROM PETE SANTILLI ON FEDERAL HQ BUILDING (YT link) Uploaded by Pete Santilli Live Stream.

Updated 7:25: @Les Zaitz – Ammon Bundy and others broke off from other militiamen after peaceful parade. Among them is Ryan Payne, who helped the Bundys in Nevada

@Les Zaitz – Ammon Bundy said in Facebook video they have taken over refuge to use as militia base for years. Called patriots from U.S. to come.

Updated 7:30 pm Pacific Time: Possible link to the compound under siege from Imgur.

Follow the thread on Godlike Productions.

@LesZaitz – Militia also apparently planning to seize BLM fire station near Frenchglen. Station is used in summer by wildfire crews. Closed now.

Green Dragon Tavern…

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