Science of Conscious Living Model



We act on what we believe, period.

Anybody who tries to bifurcate or obfuscate the relationship between belief and action is lying to you or taking advantage of you.  If you are sitting there right now looking for a scenario in which my assertion is false you are doing so because you lie to others and to yourself.  Your ego is actively searching for an excuse to continue being strategically and dishonestly in relationship with the world to your own detriment or for your own benefit depending on how the result is framed.

People will try to falsify this truth through Herculean gymnastics of intellectual fa66otry but they are only fooling themselves and those dishonest enough to allow themselves to be lied to.  Without belief their would be no action.  You believe that walls are solid so you don’t try to walk through them (not if you are sane).  You believe…

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