Ad Nauseam, Reification, & Histrionics


earth.jpgRelational Data is difficult to conceive of because it isn’t represented by symbols in our mind and because instead of being physical it is processional (based on process, the movement or behavior of intelligent objects).  For this reason it is not only difficult to envision it is difficult to become aware of as it is happening.  For the individual trapped in Ego Consciousness (an irrational person who still clings to the false sense of self) they aren’t aware of the Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases so they can’t know when they are being manipulated by them or when they are operating on them to manipulate others or influence them unduly.

Seemingly innocuous things such as frequency, intensity, and proximity can communicate data to the individual.  Because of the visual blindness of the individual to conceive of the process that communicates this type of data to the Organic Computer, we will use…

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