How the Freemasons failed us.



I am not a Freemason, I am a high level astral initiate.  That means that I have never sworn an oath to a secret society so when I give away their secrets I am not breaking any contract.  I had arrived at the conclusion a while back that the Freemasons had failed the United States of America, this belief was reinforced when I was reading my signed copy of Lon Milo Duquette’s book, the Lost Key of Solomon.  He mentioned that the Freemasons had become either a drinking club, or a business group.  He also confessed that certain groups inside the Freemasons were trying to make it mandatory that everyone be of one religion or another.  I am going to fill in the holes with my own recounting of their fall from Grace.

I disagree with conspiracy theorists that the Freemasonry is evil, quite the contrary, they were a bastion of freedom, wisdom, and reason for…

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