The You/We Dichotomy



One of the strategies I have observed psychopaths using in relationship is a bifurcation between You & We.  Everything said is either a rhetorical tautology of relationship or non relationship.  By using this sneaky technique the psychopath can essentially control the relationship based on their own whim.  The way that you can tell if you are in relationship with a psychopath is that they will use this strategy arbitrarily, that means they are unreasonable in the use of it.

What this tells you about psychopaths and narcissists is that they are only in relationship in so far as it benefits them.  Conversely, yet another psychopathic technique is the exact opposite, in which they pose a tit for tat strategy, meaning firs you have things your way and then the next time you have to do things their way.  The way they create disparate impact in their favor with this strategy is…

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