Escalation & Categorization in Rhetoric.



We are going to discuss a little of how language works and the tacit judgments a person makes in experiencing reality.  If you notice the above image it demonstrates a linguistic principle.  As you read from top to bottom you see an escalation in the intensity of the rhetoric.  I created the term EMOTIONAL DATA to refer to the communication and reception of emotions by the individual.  The sentence structure, for the most part, is similar.  It states that Megyn Kelly = this.  That is a statement of Apriori.  In the first statement almost no emotional data is communicated.  Not only does the narrative demonstrate how the individual is speaking it also characterizes her and categorizes her showing what she symbolizes in the world view of the individual.  What modern research has demonstrated is that people remember facts by embedding them in a matrix of narrative.

What is interesting is that…

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