Neo-Fascists & Islamo-Nazis



It is amazing watching the self-declared Illuminati, like Madonna, wage their preemptive psychological war on free speech and attempt their ideological fascism.  These consciously evil people attempt to twist & distort reality.  They refer to the growing contempt for Islam and Moslems in civilized nations as anti-Semitism and conflate that sentiment with Hitler and the Nazis when in fact, it is the Palestinians and Moslems that worship Hitler even having a series of successful fashion stores named after their idol from which they sell knives for stabbing the Jews and terrorist paraphernalia.  To quote the former Moslem Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.”  There is no virtue in letting Moslems ruin your civilized country, rape your children, or remove your freedoms while creating a safe environment for the evil in their midst to flourish.

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