Ted Cruz’ Soft Bigotry of Low Expectation



Un Trust Ted

Nothing about this guy is true.  Ted isn’t even his name, it’s his nickname.  He has spent all of his life pretending to be everything but what he is, a sleazy, sneaky, unlikeable, creepy, mean-spirited, back-stabbing, social climbing, jerk.

At one point, when I knew nothing about him, I actually liked him.  At one time I was in favor of a Cruz/Trump ticket.  While I am one of the biggest contributors to the major Trump Community on Google Plus I attempted to help out the Ted Cruz community on there by posting my memes.  The moderator of the community, revealing his contempt for freedom of expression, asked me to remove my pictures from the group.  Then when Ted Cruz started attacking Donald Trump he used one of the ideas I HAD GIVEN HIM  against Trump.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE THE JUMPING THE SHARK IDEA CAME FROM

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