Stop Talking Down to Americans John Oliver.

Epic Troll

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I remember when I used to think that Professional Propagandists like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were funny and smart.  Now I consider them dangerous and consciously Evil.  I like to believe that America is smartening up.  What’s becoming increasingly apparent from the change in their narrative is their contempt and disdain for the middle class and they have no reason to care what we think.  They live in gated communities, and they have armed guards.  They don’t have to compete with illegal immigrants and they don’t have the government regulating the industry in which they possess skills.  Well guess what?  Now that I don’t have a job all of you liberal douchebags have had to compete with me in order to prove how clever, how funny, and how much clout you possess and guess what else?  You aren’t doing that hot. 😉

I am teaching people logic and rhetoric…

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