Ted Cruz’ Secret Mormon Coup.


donald trump TKO

Donald Trump is the Perfect Amount of Christian.

I thought it was weird when Glenn Beck came out and endorsed Ted Cruz. He opened his speech with these words, “Faith in God is Paramount”.  He continues to suggest that Trump, states he personally, flying in the face of God, will Make America Great Again.  Telegraphing that he is setting himself above God and the America People.  What I think is Egotistical is framing yourself as the most Christian Candidate who through the power of your own Holiness, not based on results or experience are somehow going to Magically do better when NOBODY that has worked with you and NOBODY that knows you likes you or will work with you.  Cruz and Beck try to frame Trump as a King but the only way Cruz will be able to get people to participate with him is by forcing their compliance with his…

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