Donald Trump’s Abortion GAF.



1st of all, it was a hypothetical question that will never come to pass.

Secondly, all of Donald Trumps positions show that he is an emotional man.  In some ways a very sensitive man.  He Romanticizes women and he doesn’t like to think about abortion because it is an ugly subject. He is not a polished politician.  He doesn’t regurgitate shibboleths that he rehearses that tell people what they want to hear.  The subject makes him sad and he doesn’t like to think about it, he’d rather let somebody else handle those things, and that is what a business man does.  He allocates responsibility to the best person for the job on subjects he isn’t an authority on.

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Emergent Properties & Western Psychology


asymmetric warfare

Since I finished fleshing out my philosophical models in 2012 I have been using them with stunning success to predict future events.  For a person like myself with synesthesia, I see relationships and events as patterns.  I am going to attempt to explain to the patterns that I see that repeat over, and over, and over.

Here is a brief sequence of events:

Megyn Kelly tried to use her physical appearance and the fact that she was a woman to preempt the consideration of Donald Trump as a Legitimate Presidential Candidate.  This was a breach of Journalistic integrity that badly affected her reputation and is still harming FOX News.  Women are more Egotistical than men are (in general) even though conventional wisdom has it reversed, so instead of recusing herself or apologizing she continued to bet her reputation on the eventual failure  of the Trump Campaign.  Her show has become a mockery…

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Lying Ted Cruz Campaign Coordinates with super PAC to attack Melania Trump.



In case you needed anymore evidence that Rafael Eduardo (Ted) Cruz is a pathological liar who allied himself with a sneaky, backstabbing, hateful, social climber in the form of one Carly Fiorina, above are screenshots to the P. O. Box for Carly Fiorina’s Campaign and that of the Anti-Trump super PAC MAKE AMERICA AWESOME. Below you will find links to those sights showing their addresses.  What is even more disgusting is that knowing he was responsible and benefitted from it he accuses Trump of an article posted about him which created the Cuban Mistress Crisis, knowing as he did that this story was being researched months before and originated from the Marco Rubio campaign.  It would have come out sooner but the Propagandist Schmuck, Shill, Ben Shapiro, whipped out his tiny White Knighting Schmeckle  blocked the story when he worked for Breitbart before he tried to cause a scene by quitting…

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Lying Ted Cruz is a Sniveling Coward.

Epic Troll

Ted Cruz
Rafael Eduardo “Ted” Cruz, or Lying Ted, blames Donald Trump for a story on his Cuban Mistress Crisis that Marco Rubio was working on Months ago.  At the same time it has become obvious that his campaign coordinated with Liz Mair’s super PAC to send the pictures from Melania’s Modeling Career to stupid Mormon’s who are easily manipulated to make ill-informed decisions. 

Donald Trump after attacking Melania claims that Women & Children are out of bounds referring to his many mistresses and bastard children.

Link to Liz Mair super Pac

Link to Carly Fiorina Campaign


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Islam is Terrorism.



Open letter to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: The fundamental problem is this, Islam is a religion created by a Sociopathic, Pathologically Lying, Serial Murdering, Serial Raping, Pyromaniac, Pedophile. You can tell all of the Happy Lies you want Islam is a powder keg and it will ALWAYS only take one match to set it off.  Judeo-Christianity & Western Civilization was created through Proto-Indo-European and the Evolution of Thought and Language in order to protect those that recognize the Authority of the God of Reason from the Tyrannical Invasive Persio-Babylonian Death Cults.  You and your efforts are doomed to failure and only a fool would forfeit his personal Suspicion of Islam based on the Moslem Promise that they will police themselves for our benefit.  Islam is against every Religion in the World and every single Non Moslem individual in the world is overtly threatened by the existence of the Moslem “Religion”.

Quran 3:151 Soon shall…

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