Rational Relationship Defined



A Rational Relationship has certain specific qualia. In order for the Relationship to be considered Rational these qualia must be present consistently.


The Relationship must proceed in such a way as is sustainable without excesses or derailments, we refer to this as the path.  Rational Relationship can exist between two individuals, two groups (e.g. Nations) or between an individual and a group of individuals ( as in a citizen and his country or a church and a member).  In the teleology (history) of this relationship every reciprocal reaction must be sustainably rational.


The Relationship must Succeed in  its endeavor, purpose, and against outside influences.  It must consistently in every effort attain the desired result and if it fails there must be an examination of the failure and whatever flaw contributed to that failure must be perfected & ameliorated.


The Relationship must Survive in order to be considered…

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