RED ALERT: The First Sharia Law Court System has been Approved in Irving, Texas

A group of Muslims in northern Texas has created  the first official Sharia law system in the U.S.  What has just happened, is the eye witness accounting of the demonic dotrines infilitrating America even further!  If you do not think it’s bad, just ask yourself this, do we rewrite or incorporate laws for every religion that comes to U.S. soil?  NO!  The Islamic movement is here.  

This is how it starts. This is how it started in the United Kingdom. When Sharia courts were instituted there, Muslim and non-Muslim officials alike all assured the British public and the world that they would be voluntary, restricted to matters involving non-criminal matters, and subject to the British courts. Any areas in which British law and Sharia law conflicted would be referred not to the Sharia courts, but to the British courts.

 Texas confirmed Tuesday that “an Islamic Tribunal using Sharia law”…

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