Donald Trump vs. Adolf Hitler



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Argumentum ad Hitlerum is a logical fallacy that is a rhetorical tautology of demonization.  Framing a person as the Devil falsifies them through characterization.  Is the comparison valid?  Why are people so afraid of Donald Trump becoming President?  Why are Liberal media Elites like Fareed Zakaria (probably a Muslim Brotherhood Accomplice of Barack Hussein Obama) comparing the rise of Trump’s popularity to the rise of Radical Islam?  Especially when the “Peaceful mooslems” (like Fareed) have done nothing to stop it?  Fareed, who wrote the book loved by Obama (the POST AMERICAN WORLD) claims that he is concerned about the Trump Movement because he is American, Is Zakaria really a Proud American or is he part of a conspiracy to remove the influence of the United States from the planet and force a moral equivalency between the…

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