GOP and DNC deadly alliance

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This just came in, there is more to the motives of the recent explosive attacks against Donald J Trump. Upon, the GOP think tank secret meeting that was recently held by behest of Koch and Soros has a more deep dark twist to it. Yes, SOROS! At this time, I can only provide alleged information on this deadly alliance and their thirst to usurp both popular election favorites Trump and Sanders. If, you read between the lines on the continuing attacks and set ups to discredit Trump and Sanders, for the favor of a Rubio and Clinton elections cycle. This plot just continues to go deeper and dark by some would think this was a script from an HBO movie. The secret meeting discussed using the usual unsanctioned dirty tricks of Rick Wilson, Liz Mair, Katie (packer) and Alexander Gage, Cheri Jacobus, Roger Ailes, and Rupert Murdoch. Soros incorporated groups…

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