Political Correctness Deconstructed



The word “Polite” is intimately associated with the word “Politics” because it has the same etymology Polis, Latin for city-state.  The Greeks knew that men and women edited their consideration sets differently from one another.  That is why Female Brains confined their attention to the Oikos which is the origin of the word economy.  Female Brains paid the slaves, went on errands, cooked the dinners, planned the parties, stocked the wine cellar, took care of the children, and fed the local beggars and homeless.  Female attention is internalized, Female Brains focus on the things that make them feel good, puppies, babies, sob stories, Emotional Pornography.  Male Brains, on the other hand, are externalized into the world.  While positive Female Brains nurture the good, Positive Male Brains are concerned with killing Evil out of the world.  As thought and language evolved parallel to one another it became necessary for the Male Brains comingling…

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