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world-war-3Our ally that was responsible for exposing a state of Wyoming public information officer coerced by GOP insiders Rick Wilson and Cheri Jacobus, sent us an email saying he was being leaned on for his information by some unscrupulous thugs.  He then chillingly found his German Shepherd dead this morning.  In the cryptic email published below, shocking new connections between George W. Bush and  Rafael “Ted” Cruz have been revealed for the first time.


To all that have believed in and trusted in me, let it be known I am declaring war!  Today, I will provide Ted Cruz’s number one contact to George W. Bush and expose all of Cruz’s operatives! I am very angry, hurt and overwhelmed by confusion to what sort of sick and perverted freak would execute my dog.  I am giving Avenger Cruz’s top contact and George W. Bush’s top operative. No media source has…

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