Emergent Properties & Western Psychology


asymmetric warfare

Since I finished fleshing out my philosophical models in 2012 I have been using them with stunning success to predict future events.  For a person like myself with synesthesia, I see relationships and events as patterns.  I am going to attempt to explain to the patterns that I see that repeat over, and over, and over.

Here is a brief sequence of events:

Megyn Kelly tried to use her physical appearance and the fact that she was a woman to preempt the consideration of Donald Trump as a Legitimate Presidential Candidate.  This was a breach of Journalistic integrity that badly affected her reputation and is still harming FOX News.  Women are more Egotistical than men are (in general) even though conventional wisdom has it reversed, so instead of recusing herself or apologizing she continued to bet her reputation on the eventual failure  of the Trump Campaign.  Her show has become a mockery…

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