Ted Cruz says FU to America



The Establishment is disgusted with You.

Contemplate Hillary Clinton’s Evil Cackle.  Ponder Barack Obama’s lack of Enthusiasm and obvious contempt for American People, their desires & opinions.  How does Ted Cruz keep losing in Popular Opinion but Stealing Delegates?

(SIGH!)  This isn’t the first time that I’ve attempted to explain this to you but, your opinion no longer matters because of the changes in Law that occurred under the NeoCon President George W. Bush’s presidency. Funding Super PAC’s is now Freedom of Speech. You are caught in an Epic battle between Mommy (the Democratic Establishment) and Daddy (the Republican Establishment) that are fighting to the Death over the Right to Possess the Wealth they did not Create but Stole and from your Work Ethic and Dedication to the Values that America Represents, to you, not to them…  As far as they are concerned you are a paycheck to be earned with some…

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