Business is Western Yoga



Democracy, America, & Freedom are intimately associated with Capitalism.

What that means is that The Unites States of America should be run as a business.  Politicians have destroyed and are destroying America because their Business is Politics, and their Politics are to sell the rest of us Down the River for their own benefit.  The Solution is to elect a Politician who’s Business is Business.

Money, is a symbol for Value, and Value is determined from the perspective of the individual.  When I recreated the Philosophy of Rational Relationship from Ancient Greece I did so by benchmarking Business Philosophy.  Efficiency Towards Value or E2V explains the integration of Business Philosophy into our Religion.  A Mafia, a Tyrant, or a Socialist/Communist Government doesn’t allow the individual to determine what has value for themselves.  It also doesn’t allow the individual to succeed or increase their stature through Merit and the Wisdom of their…

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