Ted Cruz didn’t deny his father knew Lee Harvey Oswald.



As a psycholinguist, & a profiler I can tell you that even Pathologically lying Psychopaths won’t lie overtly if they don’t have to.  They instead use different strategies to deflect, change the subject, or dismiss the question.  We are going to examine Ted Cruz’ interesting response to the suggestion that his father knew Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ted Cruz first says, “This man is a Pathological Liar.”  Not a denial.  He is attacking the character of the person who brought up the subject.  Trump merely asked why Ted Cruz hadn’t responded to the article in The National Enquirer and what was the nature of the relationship between Lee Harvey Oswald and Rafael Eduardo Cruz Senior.  I can tell you personally that I ran across this photo and this question MONTHS before it was published in the Enquirer.  Ted Cruz continues, “Donald’s source for this is the National Enquirer. The Enquirer is tabloid trash.”

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