Cruz-Oswald, Cruz-Bush Correlation

The God of Rage

It’s Time to Talk about something massive, that being the new National Enquirer story, The Cruz-Oswald relations.

Now, Let’s begin in 1957.

Cruz was a Pro-Castro rebel who opposed the Batista regime, fled Cuba in 1957 to the United States. He acquired a Student visa and worked as a dishwasher before meeting His first wife, Julia.

He was also a former salesman for theU.S. intelligence-linked RCA Corporation.

After Moving to New Orleans in 1962, Cruz joined a movement conducted by Harvey Oswald which was a PRO Castro Group, Fair Play for Cuba Committee  that wanted no US involvement in the Cuba revolution and political realignment.

New Orleans DA Jim Garrison was cautious that the movement was the focal point of the plot to assassinate Kennedy, In which Oswald claimed to be a member/leader for the group Cruz was part of. It is also speculated that Oswald worked…

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