Islam Does NOT Tolerate other Religions or free political systems.


Many country photos & brief descriptions:

Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Kenya-Somalia, Mali, Philippines, Tunisia, Sudan & South Sudan, Thailand, Great Britain, Spain, United States.

Pakistan: Peshawar church,  2 Muslim suicide bombers, 2013. Photo: NY Times.


Pakistan: Christian church burned by Muslims, 2012. Photo: cited in Catholic Online (no other credit).

It is believed this Christian Church in Pakistan was torched by Muslims as a result of the video President Obama said caused the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya


Nigeria: Church bombed. Photo: AlterNet, Agence France Presse.


Ethiopia: Church destroyed by Muslim mob. Photo: BosNewsLife.


Indonesia: Catholic church destroyed by Muslim mob. Photo: Catholic Online.

A child walks through the ruins of his church, destroyed by Muslim hardliners. Destroyed churches ar


Syria: Deliberate destruction of Christian churches by Islamic militants. Photo: Barnabas Fund.

Numerous churches in Syria have been destroyed


Egypt: Coptic Christians pray in their ruined church (by Muslim mob). Photo: Raymond Ibrahim (no credit supplied).


Iraq: Dominican Sisters in the ruins of their church. Photo: © Ordo Praedicatorum 2015
Dominican Sisters in Iraq
Kenya: Somalia Muslims murder 36 non-Muslims at North Kenya quarry, 2014…

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