Dear, Dr.Zuhdi Jasser


zhudi jasser

I am pretty sure you remember me, you blocked me on Twitter when you refused to debate me and you were challenging Donald Trump to debate with you about Islam.  I also called into that Canadian Radio show after they had you on as a guest and the biased moron deleted our conversation from the transcript. Since you are too much of an Intellectual Coward to talk to me like a man, I will state my case openly in public for all to see.  This is the Truth about Islam that you and all of the so-called “Peaceful Moslems” are avoiding & concealing and in doing so you are actively enabling the “Moslem Extremist Terrorists” but we both know they aren’t really Extremists, unless you are willing to argue that Iran and Saudi Arabia are somehow practicing Islam incorrectly which would be a simply stupid, self defeating, argument.

The Fact…

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