Donald Trump is a Psychopath?



*A note about the author, in 2012 I finished creating my psychological models that I have been using to generate predictions since then with increasing accuracy.  I was so specific that I was nicknamed the Mind Hacker or the Psychopath Hunter mainly because my psycholinguistic profiling was designed to detect Psychopaths.  I clarified the differences between Sociopaths and Psychopaths for the Psychological Communit and I openly admit to being an Enlightened Sociopath. 

There are a few things that we have to realize about Psychopaths. First of all Psychopaths never reform they just become more manipulative.  Psychopathy is synonymous with Aggressive or Malignant narcissism.

Trump isn’t superficially charming he is overtly offensive. It’s been almost a year since Hillary Clinton has given a Press Conference. 

He isn’t Grandiose, his self esteem is based on his success in a challenging industry. Hillary Clinton has accomplished nothing as a Politician but enriching herself.  Politicians don’t make money, they take…

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Did Aisha kill Mohammed?


shia sunni.png

In most accounts we have heard that a sex slave that Mohammed kidnapped was put in charge of preparing his food and she poisoned him and then it took him several years to die.  There is no evidence to suggest that Mohammed died a slow death over a long period of time, history suggests that he died very quickly with almost no warning.  Since Mohammed died Islam has been perpetually at war with itself. 

Iraq & Iran were Shi’a dominant.

ISIS, the Islamic State is Sunni.

It is common practice in Islam and the Arabic culture, because of the Innate arrogance and feelings of superiority, to conceal embarrassing truths with unrepentant lying.  It is completely consistent with the Moslem Psychological profile to attempt to polish the reputation of their Prophet and his 6 year old wife.  Historians have pointed out that it would make no sense for Mohammed to put a newly…

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Supremacy, Sex, & Race.



Since it is such a hot topic in this election we are going to deconstruct Racism and Bigotry.  What is Racism?  It is a combination of Supremacy and Tribalism.  By Supremacy we mean feelings that one is better than others or entitled to certain things because of something they have no control over such as how they were born.  Coupled with Tribalism, which is this shared sentiment in group form we have Racism but we also have Sexism. 

Sexism is often misdiagnosed and misattributed.  It is often men who are blamed for being sexist not because any actual sexism is present but because men have been more successful in certain endeavors than women because women are not interested in those pursuits and almost never enter into those fields.  What we do find is that women are more likely to feel that they are superior to men in their thoughts and…

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The Reason Islam isn’t a Religion.


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For all legitimate Religions their Rules and Laws only apply to members, those who have adopted the Philosophy.  Not so for Islam, not only do they have Commandments that everybody in the 🌎World🌍eventually has to convert to Islam, but people that haven’t been forced to convert are also subject to Sharia Law.  Islam is an Invasive, Violent, Fascist, Totalitarian, Political Ideology.   

  • Being an Atheist, or being Critical of Islam in any way, shape, or form is punishable by the Death Penalty. 

  • Jizya is a tax that all Non-Moslems are force to pay if they are to be Tolerated before their eventual Forced Conversion or Assassination.

  • Zakat, the fifth pillar of Islam is mandatory for any practicing Moslem who can afford it and any Moslem bank or business.  It is used to Fund the Mujahedeen (Jihadis/Terrorists who Murder Non-Moslems).  It is also used as a charity for the families of Martyrs (Jihadis/Terrorists…

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Mutual Appreciation.


Ouroboros-dragon-serpent-snake-symbolThis appears at first glance to be a relatively simple task, but it is harder than you think.  The Golden Rule tells us that we should do unto others as we want them to do unto us, but that presupposes that they want for themselves what we want for our self.  RR teaches a modified version of the Golden Rule.

“Help me do my will and I will help you do your will.”

~the Golden Verses of Shivastus Solomonicus

What is the difference?  In order to know what has Value for another person you have to Understand them.  Already we have caste light on the superficial nature of relationships that others engage in by asserting that.  Most people don’t even have enough focus to be fully aware of themselves.  This relationship demands of the individual not only that they know themselves accurately but they know others accurately as well.  As one goes…

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Muslim Judoka shames Islam.

Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi

It is humorous that the media is universally censoring the actual throw that defeated el Shahabi. It is almost as though they are attempting to protect this Muslim from being shamed.  The only source I could find that actually showed the throw was a Muslim source.  The one source they won’t censor due to the soft bigotry of low expectation. 

On Sunday, Saudi competitor Joud Fahmy forfeited her first-round judo match against Christianne Legentil from Mauritius at the Games, in what Hebrew media said was a maneuver to avoid facing Israeli judoka Gili Cohen in the next round. (SOURCE)

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