Fearmongering Glenn Beck is Wrong.


Glenn-Beck1 Open letter to Glenn Beck: Mormons need to stop defending Moslems, they aren’t going to convert to your Crappy Cult.

The problems that are happening in America right now is because the Liberal Agenda has been shaming us for being Proud of our Country.  The Fascists are on the Left using Psychological Warfare in order to intimidate everyone into agreeing with them.  American Nationalism & Populism can never become Fascism because American Values are antithetical to Totalitarianism.  The Fascists are those that hate out Nation, those that don’t want to defend our Borders and those that want to come to our country but not Integrate, become one of us, and adopt our values.  Now you have moved so far towards the Loony Left in order to keep your Zombie Cult from supporting Trump that the Liberal Progressives are now actively attempting to recruit them to Vote for Hillary.  How smart…

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