Solomon & the Illuminati

Shivastus Solomonicus

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“I turned my Clairvoyant Mind’s Eye to the subject of Wise King Solomon & this is what was revealed to me.  In order to undo the rift created by the Ephraimites, as he was trying to forge one people out of the Pleroma of Nations living in his land, created a new shibboleth. Notice the Similar Sibilance. In order to make them the Same some of them had to be shamed, some of them would be given a new Name (Shem) that would be held high in the air and surrounded with light. On Saturday they would go to the Theater for some Satire.  He employed the Cult of Bacchus & the Cult of Orpheus to enslave the windows & doors of the Soul & by cunning art of Subliminal Propaganda lead the heart of those that could be led towards…

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