Response to my Naysayers.


Who are you to Teach Rational Relationship?

This is a tacit argument from Authority. It suggests that I don’t have the Authority to Teach the Philosophy that I created.  So who does?  A person can’t demand something from another source.  I created RR, & I teach RR.  Anybody who claims to teach RR besides myself is lying.

Furthermore, this argument presupposes that ONLY CERTAIN PEOPLE (Authorities) can conceive of something that is Useful and Beneficial.  Not only does that mean that any person can’t achieve anything, it assumes that their is some kind of magic that predetermines who can be successful in which fields.  If that were the case, then the world would be in very good condition right now wouldn’t it?  Instead of the collapse of the civilized world we witness going on right now. On top of that it assumes we don’t live in a Meritocracy of Reason &…

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