Hidden subjects in modern Theory of Science

Atheist Logic Fail


Many people are unaware of how modern science edits its consideration set.  They confuse the scientific community with scientific method.  Peer review is not scientific method.  According to the Vienna Circle, studying the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus of Ludwig Wittgenstein, science only accepts apriori, and empirical data.

A priori and a posteriori

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  • A priori knowledge or justification is independent of experience (for example “All bachelors are unmarried”). Galen Strawson has stated that an a priori argument is one in which “you can see that it is true just lying on your couch”. You don’t have to get up off your couch and go outside and examine the way things are in the physical world. You don’t have to do any science.”[1]

Empirical evidence

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Empirical evidence (also empirical datasense experienceempirical knowledge, or the a posteriori) is a…

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