Milo Yiannopoulos begs Twitter for Refund!

Avenger News Social

We are sorting through some of the most informative data dump ever provided! A whistleblower from deep within “Camp Milo” sent more than we could ever imagine. While we prepare for a huge story for Monday in regards to Milo and the Russian Hackers, this was too good to pass up and provide our readers with another Milo fail. Below is copied straight from the email.


Avenger Social firstly, I love your website, keep bringing justice to people everywhere, that don’t deserve things that happen to them by other people that have little to no moral compass. I wanted to tell you about Mudshark aka Milo Yiannopoulos,. This dude ain’t nothing but a fraud. Maybe at one point he was somebody who had potential or had something to call his own but now MudShark just a broke Twitter joke followed by his minions.

For a dude who’s suppose to have…

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