Supremacy, Sex, & Race.



Since it is such a hot topic in this election we are going to deconstruct Racism and Bigotry.  What is Racism?  It is a combination of Supremacy and Tribalism.  By Supremacy we mean feelings that one is better than others or entitled to certain things because of something they have no control over such as how they were born.  Coupled with Tribalism, which is this shared sentiment in group form we have Racism but we also have Sexism. 

Sexism is often misdiagnosed and misattributed.  It is often men who are blamed for being sexist not because any actual sexism is present but because men have been more successful in certain endeavors than women because women are not interested in those pursuits and almost never enter into those fields.  What we do find is that women are more likely to feel that they are superior to men in their thoughts and…

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