Idiots Guide To My People

If you haven’t had a major riot er protest in your city and you’re feeling left out this How To is for you. Revealing this is taboo like revealing a magicians secrets but it’s necessary. This guide will show you how to start a racially charged protest with the help of a well financed organization with members concentrated in urban cities. Names will be changed to protect the liars. Now, if you’re of the Caucasian persuasion I need you to pretend you’re not from this point forward. Today you’re black. You belong to a controversial organization called Black Behavior Matters. It was founded by myself. My name is Jovontae Machiavelli, president and CEO of BBM. Now, you need a more urban name yourself. I’m going to call you Jobreezy Hussler, Breezy for short. You’re my lieutenant who when a situation occurs I send you to organize the…

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Are Moslems, Gremlins?

Epic Troll


So let me get this straight.  Islam has nothing to do with Terrorism even though Mohammed was a terrorist and the Quran mentions the word Terrorism twice & praises the practice, but if we criticize the Fake Religion or tell the Truth about Mohammed, we are blaspheming Islam & causing them to turn into Terrorists, which has nothing to do with Islam, and they will kill us?  Ok, Liberal Retard, go take your anti-psychotic meds now. 

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Another Wikileaks Bombshell


I’m sure all of you know the story about Hillary’s fall and getting a concussion for which she spent 6 months in hospital. This story told by Bill Clinton seems yet to be another false one.

According to the documents dumped by Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton was in a plane crash near the Iranian border.

Apparently is was bad enough that Obama was told to prepare for the death of Hillary.

It never made sense to me that Hillary would stay in hospital for 6 months for a “plain concussion”. 

She was injured worse than anyone knew outside the Obama administration and her family. 

Go here to read the Wikileaks documents about this event.

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